How to Handle Competition at Work

Competition will always be part of work. Your productivity is not just done to keep your job but you are productive because you are aiming for something better. Unfortunately, the better things are not available for everyone so most people are doing what they can to get to the better things.

On the other hand, staying on competition at work is also an indicator for business owners and managers of dedication. Those who are not competitive enough are sometimes terminated because of their lack of dedication for the company.

Businesses today need people who are willing to compete and succeed. A business is always on its feet to be better than other companies in the same industry. So if you are not competitive in the office, you might not be able to stand at par with other companies.

Being Professional

Competition at work is always a professional competition. That means you do not do things to drag the other down. If you want to prove to the company that you are the best person to be promoted, do not do things that will show other people’s incompetence.

Sometimes, this is entertained by professionals but this idea will always backfire on them. Businesses wants to see people compete through productivity not be dragging each other down. If every employee will just concentrate on showing the negative side of other employees, general productivity will go down and business might even close.

On the other hand, if all you do is show the negative side of another employee, you are also placing yourself on a magnifying glass by your superiors and your flaw will also show up. That means instead of terminating competition, you get terminated.

On Your Feet, On Your Work

There are two things that you need to do when you are competing: monitor your competition and outdo them based on what you can do. Monitoring your competition is very easy as this will always be noticeable as the company moves on to better things. You can be sure that while you are monitoring your competition, you will be monitored as well.

The difficult part actually is on how you can outdo them in productivity. You always have to be inventive and resourceful so that you can come out with better things and improve on your productivity. As already indicated, destroying the competition is not an option because not only its unprofessional, it can also backfire.

The Winner Does Not Get it All

If you beat the competition, do not think that you will get them all while depriving everyone. The beauty of competition is that it brings out the best of everyone. This will prompt companies to notice the talent of everyone.

You can be sure that your talent is well recognized as you show your productivity is better than others.  But other employees who are also toiling hard will also be recognized. Any company is always looking to harness their employees’ talent so expect that after competition, you and your colleagues could end up winners.

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