How to Handle Job Change

Although the new of record setting unemployment rate in the country is nothing new, the fact that it just keeps on going down is making everyone scared for their job. A job is not just something that you do because you like it; you have a job because you want to be financially secured.

Losing a job is more than losing the chance to work and be productive. Losing a job means you will lose your source of income which will have dire consequences. Aside from losing the means of supporting the preferred lifestyle, acquiring basic needs and services is very difficult because the source of income is now gone.

This fact is very frustrating for fresh graduates. They have just endured four (or even more) years of grueling academic tests. Now that they are ready to prove themselves worthy to be part of the working group through a career, recession strikes.

Instead of finding a job that will help them slowly improve their career with better financial reward, they are faced with the challenge of working with a very unstable economy. Anytime, a business could just announce massive job cuts because of their inability to post a profit.

Change in the business setting could be a good or a bad thing. Change is a good thing because organizations will reconsider the abilities of their employees.

More often than not, they will notice those who are performing well and those who are not productive according to the company expectations. That means if you have done well, you’ll be promoted or you will be terminated.  The bad part is that there are times that the company is in a very difficult financial situation that they will implement termination even though some of their employees have done so well.

The idea of change, no matter how good or bad they are to your career, could greatly affect your productivity. Thinking of change will often push you to make some changes at work so that you can adjust to the impeding change. In this process, you might end up having mistakes in creating those adjustments.

Instead of doing well with change, you end up spending time adjusting through trial and error. But that’s the beauty of change – it brings out the best of everyone and highlights the weakness of those who might be pretending to do well. Be sure you are not part of the latter group or else your career will never prosper.

Lastly, change will really test your grace under pressure. As a fresh graduate on your new job, the idea of being terminated is very scary because there are still financial obligations in the past that needs to be paid. But these facts should not bother you.  Take this as a test since not doing well in this test will mean you lose your source of income.

It is always better to exert a small effort to stay on the job with a decent pay rather than tripling your effort to gain a new one without any financial compensation.

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