Advertising Copy Writer Career

A copy writer is a person who creates the advertisement and gives birth to the concept. This person should be extremely creative, should have a good sense of humor and also should have excellent English speaking and writing skills. A combination of these interpersonal skills will make a good copy writer.


The copy writer is the person who gets the idea for the advertisement, makes slogans and then decides how it has to be presented. He or she plays an important role, and is very essential for making ads that have to be aired on television, print media or online advertising.

They play a small role in online advertising and their main area of expertise is applied in print media and television advertising. Every advertisement that is designed has a concept, a story and the conclusion. Some clients need whacky ads, some ads need to convey sentimental messages, and others need to be different or creative and so on.

The possibilities are immense, and a great amount of energy and creativity is expected from a copy writer. Basically, the beginning and the conclusion of any advertisement especially should be very attractive, and the copy writer should be able to deliver all these to the client. The industry knowledge is very important for talking about the relevant things in the advertisements.

Copy Writer Education


A degree in Mass communications is asked for a copy writer’s job. The mass communications course covers a lot of details about the advertising industry and gives insights into the workings of the industry. This knowledge helps to a great extent in performing any role in the advertising media. A degree in English Literature is therefore helpful because it helps a lot to write meaningfully.

They should also know the variations in English language like UK English or US English. A degree in English also is useful because a copy writer sometimes need to write scripts, develop story lines and present it in slides to the clients. A professional degree covers a lot of these methodologies and a person equipped with this knowledge would be ideal.

Copy Writer Qualifications


  • Degree in Mass communications
  • Degree in English Literature
  • MS office and excellent power point knowledge
  • Additional course in arts and multimedia design (optional)


Copy Writer Skills


The skill sets required for this job function are excellent English and immense creativity, which are enough o get a job. The skills differ for various job levels within the copy writer field. There are several positions within this part of advertising. A person can work as a copy writer, a senior copywriter or a copy writing director. The hierarchical structure is created because it is a very responsible job.

This person is of great importance when it comes to creating the ad and deciding how the ad looks and sounds. While the graphic designers may give some form by creating images, the copy writers give life to these images. A copy writer would create an idea whereas the senior copy writer with the expertise can make the ad look more attractive, while the director supervises all these peoples work. The end product comes out good.

The skill sets that are important to performing the job role are:

  • Creativity
  • Excellent English
  • Team player qualities
  • MS office expert
  • Mass communications degree or diploma
  • Script writing techniques
  • Story depiction capability

Copy Writer Salary


 A junior copy writer can earn anything from $14000 to $20000 and sometimes more. Eventually they work their way up. Advertising industry is growing in television and internet industries. The need for copy writers is increasing and many institutes are offering copy writing itself as a course. This course can be done online also.

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