Advertising Copy Group Head Career

Every department in any profession needs a supervisor who overlooks the work of everyone else. This person obviously needs to be well experienced in the respective field, and should also be good with people management. He or she should be able to identify mistakes and correct them. Overall, the job done should be perfect, and this is the responsibility of the head of the department.


A copy writer head is also the head for copy writers and the main responsibility is to check the work of other copy writers and make sure everything runs on time. To become the copy writer head, the candidate should have relevant experience in the advertising industry and should have worked in a similar job role for at least five years. Only then will he or she will have the expertise required for the job.

Most heads working today in the advertising industry have worked their way up from being a copy writer. They have gained the experience and managed to become the head of the copy writing department. Copy writing itself is an interesting, challenging and very creative job. The head of the department, other than the industry and job knowledge, also needs to handle people effectively and should be the best team player.

Copy Group Head Education


The educational qualifications required to be a copy writing head is same as the education required for the copy writer. However, inter personal skills required for being the head of the department is much more than the copy writer. An MBA along with a PG in Mass communications, Public relations degree and/or Event Management knowledge can be directly employed into this position.

However, as an entry level head of the department, a person is expected to have a Post graduate degree in English along with knowledge of the advertising industry. The Copy writer head is supposed to have excellent English knowledge to be good at the job. An MBA is preferable because the graduates will have knowledge about people management and team responsibilities.

This knowledge can be obtained while working in the organization too and that is why it is not mandatory. A mass communications degree is beneficial because it gives a lot of insights about the advertising industry and it also helps the candidate to gain subject knowledge. PR skills help in almost every kind of job roles and in advertising industry it is all the more necessary to have it.

Copy Group Head Job Qualifications


  • Post graduate in English (MA Literature)
  • MBA (marketing) Preferable
  • Public Relations Diploma (Optional)
  • Event Management Diploma (Optional)


Copy Group Head Skills


A Copy writer head must have the industry knowledge and should know all the details like what kind of content is in demand, which industry is looking for what promotional campaigns and similar information. The copy writer head should also know the different kinds of content and web designing, English language preferences, and should be experienced with every individual clientele of the company.

On the interpersonal level the person is expected to be an excellent team player and able to handle the team well. The candidate should be good with constructive criticism, encouragement, and should be a proactive person. He or she should also have an eye for detail, be good with editing irrelevant material, and making positive changes.


Copy Group Head Salary


In the end, the client needs should be delivered on time and that is what is expected of the copy writer head. He or she may also be required to take up training some time on different aspects of the copy writing job and hone the skills of the team. The candidate should be ready for this. A person who has all these qualities could easily secure a job in a good advertising firm and can earn $5000 to $6000 a month as salary.

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