Content Writer Career

A content writer basically writes about the advertisement and creates ideas to deliver the ad related to the client. The content writer plays a large role in online advertising and news print advertising. There are many methods of advertising within the online media. Examples of this include Adsense, email marketing, Ad publishing, blogging, forum hosting and so on. All of these methods need content and the idea or the concept that is being advertised needs to be presented in an attractive way.

Not only does what the writer writes needs to make sense, but there are also some techniques to use such as using catch words, popular words or search engine preferred words when it comes to online advertising. For the online advertising, there are many free lance writers along with the regular and mainstream content developers.

In print media the content writer needs to be employed with the company, and this job role will also involve editing and presenting the text in an appropriate way. Sometimes brochures and company booklets need a lot of information to be written about them and this becomes the job of the content writer. There is not much for a writer in television media as everything there is visual.

Content Writer Education


The ideal candidate can be a graduate in any respect, but with good written English. The English language should be impeccable and the person should be able to present the documentation in correct and accurate English. Unlike newspaper companies there are no editors to correct the mistakes so the content developers in the advertising media should do a perfect job. The company may also need to develop websites for clients, and in that case the content writer should be able to produce web content suitable for the clients needs.

Content Writer Qualification


  • Any graduate
  • Good English skills
  • A course in content writing
  • Search engine optimization knowledge
  • Media publishing exposure
  • MS Office


Content Writer Skills


The basic skills required to be a content developer are creativity and excellent written English. How the content is presented also matters so the person taking up the job should be well versed with Microsoft Office tools. The web developers are responsible for creating the web sites but what is written in the website is from the content writer. The writer should be very good at proof reading which means the writer should have an eye for detail.

The skill sets of this person determine the interest of the reader. If the content is boring and has many errors, it may not appeal to the person who is going through it and they may ignore the whole document itself. Also, the content writer should be able to present industry specific and relevant content to the client.

Especially while designing brochures, extra attention should be given as to what kind of data should be presented and what should be written first. The desired candidate should also have a good knowledge about the changing trends of the advertising industry and what kind of words and language is preferable.


  • Excellent proof reading skills
  • Team Player
  • Should know the different forms of English like UK, US
  • Creative
  • Ad copying and content writing skills
  • Web design and computer skills (optional)
  • MS office knowledge


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